1. Research Articles:

Criteria for Research Articles: The appropriateness of a manuscript for publication in JLTL is carefully reviewed based on each of the dimensions listed below.

  • Significance/relevance to field of foreign language teaching
  • Conceptual framework (if the study makes effective connections to relevant constructs in literature)
  • Methods (if manuscript is an empirical study)
    • Appropriateness to the research questions
    • Adequate description of methods (including data collection and analysis)
    • Rigor of methods
    • Validation of the choice of research method, data analysis and interpretation.
  • Overall contribution to the field of foreign language teaching
  • Writing style/clarity/use of English

Length: A manuscript, including all references, tables, and figures, should not exceed 10,000 words. Please do not place tables and figures at the end of the text.

Abstract, keywords, and summary: All general and research manuscripts must include an abstract and a few keywords. Abstracts describing the essence of the manuscript must be 150 words long. The articles which do not report an empirical study must include at least an introduction and a conclusion section. The rest of the headings in these papers depend on the content and choice of author.

Typing: The acceptable format for electronic submission is MSWord. All text should be typed, double-spaced, with 2,5 cm margins all around. Please use a 12-point font.

Style: For writing and editorial style, authors must follow guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (the latest version available). Authors should number all text pages.

2. State-of-the-Art Articles:

JLTL welcomes articles that present a profound review of important issues of contemporary interest in the field of Second/Foreign Language Education with a critical approach to orthodoxy and current practices. However, state-of-the-art manuscripts, including all references, tables, and figures, should not exceed 3,500 words.

3. Innovations-in-practice Articles:

JLTL also welcomes articles that present innovative applications for language classrooms, linking theory with practice. The application/s described may either be completely new, or may be a better version of an existing method, or compare different methods currently in use. Innovations-in-practice articles should not exceed 3,500 words.

4. Book Reviews:

JLTL encourages book reviews. Please contact editors to find out whether a book is available for review. Authors can also suggest books for review. The word limit for book reviews is 1000 words.

JLTL is an international academic journal which subjects all manuscripts to a rigorous review process. After the initial review of the Editors-in-chief, the manuscript is sent to at least two reviewers who are authorities in the field, and who are asked to write an assessment of the work in terms of purpose, the scholarly soundness, the originality, and the clarity of the manuscript. The decision of the editor on the acceptance of articles is final and no correspondence can be entered into on reasons for rejection of a submitted contribution.

Queries should be sent to info@jltl.org