Hundreds of research articles are published by the Turkish scholars of foreign language teaching annually, and it is quite challenging for the professionals to follow the plethora of research. The other side of the coin is the necessity of observing and grasping the whole national picture of scholarly inquiry within language teaching as well as making it more visible for the international academia. To this end, TALI project was developed to present the studies in applied linguistics studies by the local scholars. TALI is an ongoing project, carried out by a group of researchers to develop an annual report of the research articles written by Turkish scholars of applied linguistics in local journals, English language teaching major in the first phase. In addition to an edited abstract report, TALI will offer an online directory tool enabling researchers to reach articles easily. TALI will also expand the readership of the local studies by providing the libraries of the preeminent universities with an annual report as well as with a dynamic and a comprehensive online directory system. The major objective is to increase the accessibility and thus the impact of the national research studies in applied linguistics. TALI will be published annually by the JLTL and the directory will be available on

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