Book Review: Sampling and Choosing Cases in Qualitative Research: A Realistic Approach

Nadia İdri


Nick EMMEL elaborated an original text focusing on qualitative research sampling in social sciences. In such a field, a substantial debate is held about how to consider samples and cases, and how to interpret, discuss and generalize findings. Emmel tries in his book to relate sampling to cases in qualitative research from a realistic standpoint. If we consider the book’s external analysis, it is divided into two parts; the first contains three chapters and the second includes six chapters. The author divides the work into nine chapters proceeded by an introduction entitled “ From Sampling to Choosing Cases”. A 172 pages work offers a real guide to students, post-graduate students and researchers who adopt realism in their qualitative research. The author has diachronically used a noteworthy number of references that stems from 1855 to 2013.


Research methods, Qualitative research, Sampling, Realistic approach, Case studies

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