English Language Teachers’ Reflective Practices for Understanding Their Teaching Processes

Şevki Kömür, Süleyman Gün


This study aims to explore English Language teachers’ self-ratings of their use of reflective practices in the language classroom. The participants are teachers who are currently teaching English in the state schools in the Muğla province of Turkey at levels ranging from primary to high school. It is a descriptive study and The English Language Teaching Reflection Inventory (ELTRI) developed by Akbari, Behzadpoor and Dadvand (2010) was used to gather data for the study. The results show that English teachers who participated in the present study actively engaged in reflective teaching. The results also show that English teachers mostly reflect on the learner and meta-cognitive components when compared with other dimensions in the questionnaire. It can be concluded that those aspects of reflective teaching that each teacher pays the closest attention to are those that are also the most visible in their teaching practice.


Reflective teaching, English Language Teaching Reflection Inventory, Teacher education, Language classroom

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