Perceptions of the Effects of Simulation Methodology on the Learning of English in a Remedial Level Course: A Case Study

Lissa Rachwan, Maureen O'Day Nicolas


This paper reports on research that investigated the perceptions of students and teachers regarding the simulation methodology used in a remedial language course at a university in Lebanon. The research aims to understand whether or not the students from different language backgrounds have different perceptions of the benefits of the simulation methodology on their language learning and in addition explores the teachers’ perceptions of the methodology. Two data gathering instruments were used: a semi- structured interview and a survey. The research population included 8 teachers and 174 students. The findings reveal that a majority of the students, regardless of their language background, perceive positive impact of the simulation methodology on their language learning but cannot or choose not to work independently outside the classroom. Teachers are supporters of the methodology even though there seems to be some concerns about student readiness.


simulation methodology; language acquisition; innovative practices

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