Motivation, Tasks, Attitudes: The influence of Motivational Pre-Task Strategies on Tasks Performance and Tasks Engagement

Mohammad Reza Hasannejad


Despite concerns about the significance of how to make listening classes more interesting and to know how to motivate learners, relatively a small number of empirical studies exist on how listening tasks can be influenced by manipulating as well as generating initial tasks motivation in educational contexts. To this end, this study compared the performance of the 83 subjects on the post-treatment listening tasks and tasks engagement questionnaire over five treatment sessions: one group with motivational pre-task strategies instruction and the other with no pre-task strategies instruction whatsoever. The results from the independent samples t-test articulated that motivational strategies instruction proved to be beneficial to improve the experimental group students’ tasks performance and to facilitate their tasks engagement, as well. The information collected supplied a more informed image and additional evidence of the probable link between the initial task motivation and task success. 


: Listening task performance, motivation, pre-task strategy, task engagement

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