A Qualitative Exploration of Iranian Learners’ Writing through Face-to-Face Collaborative Writing Tasks

Tahmineh Khalili


The present experimental study takes a qualitative look at collaborative writing (CW) tasks through the written texts produced by Iranian EFL learners to seek learners’ proficiency in writing skill and also their percepts and their teachers’ perceptions toward nature of face-to-face (FTF) collaborative task in pair group. Data collection was implemented by the researcher who was an observer, interviewer, and interpreter of the findings of the present study. As many studies might devote their focus on quantitative approach a qualitative approach to such case can be regarded as one of the unique views that consider to learners’ percept as well. The findings determined that both EFL learners and their teachers found CW tasks effective and innovative approach to writing tasks particularly in the context of  Iran which writing tasks was assumed as a single-author activity traditionally. The replication of face-to-face CW tasks with the design of grounded theory approach of this paper can suggest new insights and understanding to the practitioners of CW. The findings of this paper might be beneficial for L2 practitioners particularly curriculum designers and teachers who seek for a more effective method of L2 teaching.    


Collaborative Writing; Face-to-Face Collaborative Writing; Second Language Interaction; Second Language Writing.

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